Car Wrapping - Formula Ford - Hexis Australia

Posted By Lee-Anne Maker-Evans  
Sunday July 10 2022
16:00 PM

Kyle Evans has taken the training from his recent 3 day Hexis Australia Car Wrapping Training Course to apply the Fluro Green film to his 2014 Duratec Powered Spectrum Formula Ford racing car in preparation for the final four rounds of the Australian Formula Ford Championships.  The Dayglo Orange is requirement for all Duratec competitors to feature on the roll hoop, rear view mirrors and nose cone.  

Kyle has definitely made an impressive first attempt at car wrapping.  The benefits are two fold since attending the Hexis Car Wrapping Training Course and learning how to apply the film on to the complex shaped curves and contours of his racing car with his self-prepared and funded Formula Ford.  It will definitely be great to see the photographers capture Kyle on track at his next event scheduled for Sydney Motorsport Park round 5-7 August 2022.