About Me

I'm Kyle Evans a race car driver currently racing in the Formula Ford National series with a goal to develop my race craft and understanding of the car. I am very hands on and do a lot of the mechanical and setup myself including taking the back off the gearbox to change my ratios and check dog rings for the next race meet.



My History

Racing started for me at the age of 9 in a 4 stroke kart and learnt the skills to progress to 2 stroke karts. I often ran in the junior light and junior performance kart in the same weekend coming back with multiple podiums during the race meet. Once I turned 14 I went straight up into cars. Getting into the Hyundai Excel X3 series to learn the basics of setup, car control and feedback, maintenance and driving a underpowered front wheel drive car where momentum is everything. After a year in the series I progressed into Formula Ford Kent. In 2022 we finally got serious about racing now that the borders are back open. I plan to race all the national and southern Formula Ford Duratec rounds.


In the time away from racing and work I've been working on my first car restoration. During Easter 2021 I picked up this cool Ford Escort mk1 1300xL and started taking it down to the bare shell. Then worked on the rust and sanding back and prepping for paint until early September 2021 my Dad and I painted it at work. Then getting straight into getting it back together and on the road. squeezing in a 2.0L pinto motor and changing all the driving components to the later mk2. While slipping in a limited slip diff and modifying it to fit. After a big year of racing in 2022 I'm back working on the escort and aiming to get it back on the road.