June 2022

Auto Action - Issue 1839 - 30 June 2022 - NEW ERA FOR FORMULA FORD

Posted By Andrew Clarke - Auto Action ,
Thursday June 30 2022 05:00 AM
NEW ERA FOR FORMULA FORD by Andrew Clarke - Auto Action Motorsport Australia, as CAMS, tried to kill Formula Ford a few years back, but now it has a plan to return it to the fore. Rejoice Australia,...

Hexis Australia - Car Wrapping - 1 Day Advance Training Course - Wednesday 22 June 2022

Posted By Lee-Anne Maker-Evans,
Wednesday June 22 2022 09:00 AM
What an incredible opportunity for Kyle to spend a couple of days training and learn the art and skills required for wrapping a race car.  Kyle Evans can not wait to start wrapping his Formula Fo...

Velocity Motorsport Magazine - V44 - Page 99

Posted By John Morris Velocity Magazine,
Wednesday June 22 2022 05:00 AM
Velocity Motorsport Magazine - John Morris - Issue #44 - Page 99 Kyle Evans continues to make inroads on the leaders in the 2022 Australian Formula Ford Championship. After a cautious approach to the ...

Hexis Australia - Car Wrapping - 2 Day Basic Training Course - Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 June 2022

Posted By Lee-Anne Maker-Evans,
Monday June 20 2022 09:00 AM
What do you do when you find it difficult to locate a company to wrap your race car.  You enrol in a car wrapping course to develop another hands-on skill to add to your experience. Kyle Evans...