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Ever dreamt of driving a race car? Ever thought of the adrenaline rush when the engine starts… the feeling of being pushed back in the seat as you let the clutch out and take off, and then the exhilaration of approaching maximum speed…

Kyle Evans is fortunate enough to experience this first hand at motor sport tracks throughout Queensland.  Kyle at just 14 broke the lap record at Morgan Park Raceway in his Black Hyundai Excel.  Kyle is an inspirational young Australian teenager who attends high school at St Patricks College and also drives and competes as a motor sport racing car driver.  Kyle is proud to announce the beginning of a strong relationship with his partners for 2021 race season as EzyStone Benchtops, Velocity Motorsport Magazine and Aus Timing.  Kyle’s home track is Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick Qld.  Kyle also conducts one-on-one driver coaching at Norwell Motorplex.  Kyle has conducted one-on-one training with Chris Dawes from Open Dawes Training in UK. 

There is only one podium in Motorsport and there is only one top step and everyone is in pursuit of it.  Kyle Evans at just 14 achieved his personal goal to hold a podium winning position in a CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sports) Qld Hyundai Excel Circuit Racing event in June 2019.  For this to occur in Motorsport everything needs to align.  Kyle has a never give up attitude and is inspirational to Juniors to follow their dreams and aspirations to one day also drive a racing car.

Kyle Evans Motorsport team encourages you to visit our garage at sporting events.  Come to our garage and ask to speak to Lee-Anne.  Remember to collect one of Kyle Evans Motorsport stickers and have the opportunity to meet with Kyle Evans first hand and have your photograph taken with Kyle with his Coyote Flag or next to his Duratec powered Spectrum Formula Ford and the opportunity to feature on our facebook page and our website Race Fans page. 

We look forward to meeting you in the pits at our next race meet.   Please contact Lee-Anne Maker-Evans on 0438 654 909 or email info@kyleevansmotorsport.com.au to arrange to meet or conduct an interview with Kyle Evans. 

Brett, Ursula, Lee-Anne & Kyle

Katie & John Morris, Darin & Linda Mandy Velocity Motorsport Magazine

Curtis Hill with Kyle Evans

Robbo & Chris Norwell Motorplex

Open Dawes Training - Chris Dawes

Quest Luke, Nick, Stacie & Erin

Keith Abraham - Speaker & Author

Aus Timing - Cassie Anderson

Sandy Pfingst - Morgan Park Raceway

Naith Lepp - Aus Timing

Michael Plant with Kyle Evans

David Reynolds with Kyle Evans

Mike Reynolds

David Reynolds with Kyle Evans

David Reynolds Autographs Bonnet

Peter Lane - President WKC

Wayne Pfingst - President WDSCC

Lyn & Callum Espie - WDSCC

Donn Vidler with Kyle Evans

Pete Trapnell - Trapnell Photography

Matthew Driver - Driver Electrical

Nathan Lepp with Kyle Evans

Sam & Jack Greenhalgh - Race Fans

Dennis at Morgan Park Raceway

Donn Vidler

Gavin Hughes - Race Fan

Guy Tingey - KNK Karts with Kyle

Jason Walvin

Larry Nelson - Kaos Karting

Jenny Bielenberg - Kaos Karting

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Jon Targett with Kyle Evans

James Courtney with Kyle Evans

Adam Graham with Kyle Evans

Brett Evans & William Yarwood