Hexis Australia - Car Wrapping - 2 Day Basic Training Course - Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 June 2022

Posted By Lee-Anne Maker-Evans  
Monday June 20 2022
09:00 AM

What do you do when you find it difficult to locate a company to wrap your race car.  You enrol in a car wrapping course to develop another hands-on skill to add to your experience.

Kyle Evans conducted a two day Basic Car Wrapping Course held at Hexis Australia to gain another vital skill to assist in wrapping his own Formula Ford and taking his passion for Motorsport up a level.  

HEXIS wrap courses are recognised as one of the most comprehensive training programs available and are designed to equip sign and wrap professionals for the constantly evolving graphics industry in two and three dimensional skills. Whether you are starting out in business, an experienced installer or looking to refresh your knowledge, HEXIS training is adapted to cater for individuals’ needs and expectations. Teaching focuses on quality and efficiency, whilst keeping in mind the day-to-day environmental and time constraints faced by installers.  Training covers the specific techniques required to optimize the handling of HEXIS films.